About Me:

I'm really passionate about photography, especially loving black & white images, where light's existence is manifested by the fall of shadows.

After spending some time as photojournalist I "graduated" to black & white fine-art photography, presenting my work at various exhibitions.

Ultimately I've chosen to remain an "amateur" at heart, practicing my photography as a hobby and enjoying life with my wife in Bavaria, Germany.

My photographic equipment of choice is the Fuji X System, because its unique mix of traditional user interface with cutting edge digital technology in a compact, lightweight and robust housing allows me to create amazing images just like i visualised them.

On this blog I'd like to share my thoughts on photography, technique and images and get inspiration from your constructive feedback & comments - Please feel welcome here, enjoy your stay and thanks for visiting ! If you'd like to contact me, or leave me a message please fill in the form on the left, many thanks !

Best regards

Hendrik Hazeu,