Less is often MORE !

In my previous post I described how I'd "dumped the ballast" & gotten rid of all my gear, to "survive" on just ONE lens - Fuji X100T's 23 mm / f2 (field of view comparable to a 35 mm moderate wide angle on Full Frame). At first I found myself cursing my romantic dreaming and rash decision: When reaching into my bag for that subject-isolating telephoto or the all-encompassing ultra-wide I found ... ?
Yep, that's right: NOTHING (coz the X100T was already in my hand ;-)

But then I found that this self-limitation had a positive effect on my approach to photography. This was my first frame of shadows on a stone terrace, which had attracted my attention:

First Impression of Shadows on Terrace !

First Impression of Shadows on Terrace !

Read on to find out more ! ...

What Created the Shadows on the Terrace ?

What Created the Shadows on the Terrace ?

Not anymore having all the lens options to distract me, I was forced more to FOCUS on my subject and on how to position it the frame to replicate my initial impression when first seeing it. I found I wanted to show also the decorative railing responsible for creating those shadows !

Furthermore I started to take many more images of the same subject, from different angles, with different framing, from varying distances, gradually "carving" out my image of the subject (a bit like a sculptor does with his chisel ... ;-) ... And so i got a wealth of results I previously never would've gotten (hey, before this i was averaging MAX. 1-2 frames per subject, using a zoom to frame the subject w/o changing my position). Yeah, I know you can limit yourself with any one lens, but for me the simple fact of NOT having ANY alternative at all was the proverbial kick I needed to jolt me out of my zoom-lethargy !

Here some more examples - up to you which you like best (please see more also in my portfolio by clicking this link: Shadows Fall) !

fence shadows on terrace.jpg

Also playing with narrow depth of field delivers an image with a completely different character:

shadows narrow depth of field.jpg

Hope this is a little inspiration to y'all, helping you also to focus more on your subject ! Please let me know what you think & enjoy ! Thanks for reading, best regards, Hendrik

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