Pimp Your Gear - Cool X100T Accessories !

Just got my Lensmate X100T Thumbrest last week, together with a red concave soft release (thumbrest available in silver & black; soft release in various forms & colors): In my view really cool pieces of kit as they dramatically improve the ergonomics & handling of my Fuji X100T camera in action !

Lensmate X100T Thumbrest™ & Red Concave Soft Release

Without the thumbrest I tend to get a cramped grip after carrying the camera for a while (and I don't fancy neck straps as they always get in the way) ! The soft release enables me to use around 1 stop slower than usual shutter speeds without experiencing camera shake !

A note of caution: ALWAYS ensure the camera is switched OFF (power switch collar turned to left) before storing the camera, as the more exposed soft release button otherwise could lead to drained batteries and/or thousands ;-) of blank exposures in case something in the bag presses on it !

BlackRapid's SnapR35 Optimal Transport Solution !

Other accessories I use are the Fuji LH-X100 filter adapter ring & lens hood, a B+W slim 49 mm UV filter, an Expert Shield screen protector and the bottom part of the Fuji LC-X100S leather case. The best bag solution for the X100T from my point of view is the BlackRapid SnapR35™, mainly because of its easy / one-hand operation & combined bag / strap function !

Hope this post is interesting for some of you fans of the Fuji X100 range out there, enjoy your photography & take care, best regards & thanks,


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